Best Retirement Planning Blogs for 2022

Best Retirement Planning Blogs for 2022

When it comes to retirement planning, there are a variety of approaches and tactics. And in the age of the internet, you would think that finding information on the dos and don’ts of retirement planning would be easily located and digested, but the opposite can be true.

There are many sources of information available for investor, which can get confusing. To help, we’ve highlighted our five favorite retirement planning blogs. Read on to learn how to maximize your future nest egg, while maintaining a budget and plan appropriate for you and your family.

Squared Away

The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College investigates and reports on financial behavior to work, save, and retire effectively. With a psychological foundation, this retirement planning blog helps readers of all ages understand their financial behavior and the U.S. money culture that influences the way people make, save, and spend money.

With four major categories, including research, fieldwork, behavior, and money culture, the blog content focuses on how and why financial behaviors occur or are established. The information discussed helps readers understand their habits, how to break them, or how to create a financial structure for the future – helping them get their finances squared away.

To learn more about the Squared Away blog, visit the website.

Financial Samurai

The Financial Samurai is one of the largest independently owned finance websites that focuses on financial independence. Readers can learn about investing, saving for retirement and more, all through weekly newsletters and blog content.

What’s unique about this blog, is that every post is written from firsthand experience, which highlights insights, and the dos and don’ts readers can learn from other people. The firsthand experiences also help readers learn from the same age range and demographic structures, allowing them to connect commonalities to content.

Topics include how to save for retirement, investment strategies, and managing finances in a way that helps you succeed over time. Learn more here.

The Retirement Manifesto

This award-winning blog by Fritz Gilbert, creator of the Retirement Manifestor, focuses on people near retirement age – within approximately 10 years – to help them learn how to align financial decisions with the things that matter most in their life.

With the motto, “helping people achieve a great retirement,” topics include overcoming challenges and creating goals to help readers achieve the retirement of their dreams, including how to prepare mentally and financially, what to do when the time comes, and what to expect in your first few months of transition.

Covering topics from savings and social security to tax-loss harvesting and investment options that protect against inflation, Gilbert covers it all. If you’re prepping for retirement in the next few years, read the blog or subscribe to the newsletter.

Mr. Money Mustache

Tailored for the budget-friendly super-saver, Mr. Money Mustache writes about living a frugal and fruitful lifestyle.

His tips for budgeting, cutting out unnecessary spending and finding creative ways to free yourself financially helps readers save for retirement, adjust current spending habits, and solidify a nest egg that lasts. Read it here.


Of course, if you’re looking for retirement education centered around planning, markets, the economy, and more, subscribe to our blog.

With a wide range of topics, readers can learn how to make, save, and spend money effectively, all while enhancing retirement savings and planning for the future.

There is an abundance of financial blog resources you can find online, but it’s important to find one with content tailored to your age, lifestyle, and concerns so you can learn how to manage your current and future nest egg appropriately.

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