Single Employer Plans

A 401(k) Plan as Unique as Your Business

Single Employer Plans offer businesses maximum flexibility for businesses with more complex needs.

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Single Employer Plan

Standalone from the Competition

A standalone Single Employer Plan (SEP) is a traditional 401(k) plan adopted by one employer. While standalone plans are a great retirement savings plan option for many companies due to their customization and flexibility, they can sometimes be more costly and time consuming, depending on many factors that are at the employer’s discretion.

When are SEPs the Right Choice?

SEPs typically work well with larger employers or employers who have a need for complex plan designs that allow different benefit structures for different groups of employees, or employers who have formally merged plans with protected benefits.

Other common candidates for SEPs include:

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Is a SEP the right retirement plan for your business?

We’ve broken down the differences between the three most common types of retirement plans so you can make an educated decision for your business.

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