Multiple Employer Plans

Multiple Employer Plans: Experience the Power of Many

A Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) is a 401(k) solution where companies who share a common “nexus” connection can all participate in a master plan, while still maintaining plan customization at the adopting employer level.

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Level the playing field

Adopting Employer Benefits

The main benefits of an MEP come from harnessing the power of many. With multiple employer plans, the employers benefit from pooled plan provider resources. This leads to shared costs and reduced fiduciary liability, providing economical access to superior fund lineups. Fiduciary and administrative burden are also minimized.

Multiple Employer Plan levels the playing field between small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations, and allows for equality in retirement savings solutions for their employees.

These plans help smaller employers attract and retain top talent they may otherwise lose to an employer who can offer a more competitive benefits package.

Benefits for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)

For a MEP to operate, all participating employers must have a shared nexus, often facilitated by PEOs, which can serve as a plan sponsor. PEOs benefit from offering a MEP by:

meeting goals
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By partnering with Slavic401k, your business can transform its approach to employee retirement benefits. 

A Multiple Employer Plan mitigates the administrative burden and fiduciary liability typically associated with retirement plan assets, allowing smaller employers to focus on core business strategies while offering a defined benefit plan experience. 

With the backing of a knowledgeable financial advisor and comprehensive plan administration, businesses can navigate the complexities of retirement benefit regulations with confidence.

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How does a MEP compare to other 401(k) plan options?

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