Pooled Employer Plans

Pooled Employer Plans: Experience the Power of Many

A Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) is a 401(k) solution where many different companies—primarily small- to medium-sized businesses —participate in a master plan, offering a tailored retirement strategy at the adopting employer level. There is no need to have a common “nexus” as there is in a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP), broadening the scope for any participating employer. 

This approach not only fosters a community of financial security but also reduces the administrative burden, making it a valuable retirement planning vehicle for small businesses.

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Level the playing field

Adopting Employer Benefits

As an adopting employer, you’ll tap into the shared strengths of pooled employer plans, leveraging economies of scale for reduced fiduciary liability and administrative burden. This collaboration translates to cost savings and access to top-tier retirement plan management resources.

A PEP levels the playing field, allowing small businesses and professional employer organizations alike to offer competitive, high-quality employee benefits. Your business can benefit from the financial wellness that comes with a comprehensive retirement savings plan, without the traditional 401(k) costs and complexities.

Joining a Pooled Employer Plan means not just sharing in the economies of scale but also in the expertise of seasoned plan sponsors and service providers. This collective effort contributes to the financial wellness of your workforce, positioning your business as a desirable place for talented individuals looking for robust retirement benefits and a secure future.

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How does a PEP compare to other 401(k) plan options?

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