Financial Influencers on TikTok? Here’s 5 You Should Follow!

Financial Influencers on TikTok? Here’s 5 You Should Follow!

In today’s increasingly digital world, people everywhere turn to their devices for work, education, and personal interests. Specifically, with the advancement of social media, people turn to apps like YouTube, Instagram, and now, TikTok for tips related to parenting, home organization, teaching, managing a business, personal finance, and so much more.

As learning continues beyond the classroom, it’s important to stay up to date on financial trends and tips as it relates to your life. Whether your financial goals include retiring early, purchasing a home, or expanding your family, there are different questions to keep in mind. Learn how to make, save, and spend money from top-rated financial influencers on TikTok who provide regular, digestible content that you can learn from and apply to your life.

Read on to learn who we’re watching in 2022.

Humphrey Yang | @humphreytalks

As a former financial advisor, Humphrey Yang provides content for personal finance by breaking down complex topics into quick, digestible content.

Viewers can learn about tax write offs, interest rates, credit cards, inflation, and more. A unique aspect of the @humphreytalks account is that he also talks about money hacks, including how to afford a Tesla, whether a burrito or burrito bowl at Chipotle gives you more for your money, and navigating a casino on a budget. With over three million followers, Yang covers financial topics for every age and stage of life.

Tori Dunlap | @herfirst100k

Focused on talking about taboo financial topics and helping women harness the tools and resources needed to reach financial freedom, founder of Her First $100k, Tori Dunlap, aims to enhance women’s financial education, leading to an equal, equitable future.

Dunlap’s content on TikTok covers a wide range of topics, from negotiating a salary and building a foundation of good financial habits to investing in the stock market and debt management.

Learn more about Her First $100K or follow Dunlap on TikTok.

Chloe Elise | @deeperthanmoney

Deeper Than Money is a coaching platform that was founded by Chloe Elise in 2018 to provide people with the information they need for financial freedom and stability. Outside of budgeting, saving for retirement, and paying off debt, the Deeper Than Money program focuses on transformation rather than growing numbers in an account.

On the @deeperthanmoney TikTok account, Elise covers how to maximize current expenditures, elevating spending and savings techniques, and more.

To learn more about the mission, or to access free training materials, visit

Sara Rosalia | @sarafinance

Sara Finance is unique compared to her top-tiered counterparts. Content includes financial teachings for entrepreneurship, investing, and making money through online services or side hustles. Followers can learn how to grow a business and invest income in an appropriate and effective manner, all while finding other avenues to maximize income.

With a combination of both YouTube and TikTok content, Sara Finance is followed by big and small business owners everywhere. Learn more about Rosalia’s financial strategies by viewing the TikTok account here.

Seth Godwin | @seth.godwin

Seth Godwin is the everyday finance guru you need at your fingertips. With content revolved around financial habits, making major purchases like buying a home or car, managing a budget, or investing for your future, his content helps viewers combat all things financial.

Godwin’s TikTok channel also focuses on establishing financial building blocks that help viewers establish better savings and spending habits, leading to a financially free future.

View the @seth.godwin TikTok channel here.

In today’s digital landscape, there are a plethora of financial accounts available at your fingertips to serve every need, goal, and want. The rise of social media has produced experts in just about any field you can imagine, making content readily available for everyday users looking to learn.

For additional resources, visit the Slavic401k blog to learn how to make, save, and spend money for a financially fit future.


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