How to Request a Distribution or Rollover from Your 401(k)

The video above shows the step-by-step process to request a distribution or rollover from your 401(k) account online.

1. Go to and click “Sign In” on the top right hand side of the page.

2. Enter your user name and password.

3. Click on Withdrawals in the blue ribbon.

4. Click on Distribution Request.

5. Review the distribution disclosure, then click Get Started.

6. Select a distribution reason and a distribution option. If you choose the Existing IRA Account, Direct + Rollover Distribution or a Qualified Retirement Plan Rollover Distribution, you must also provide account and routing information for your financial institution. Incorrect information will delay processing time. Once finished, click Save and Continue.

7. Fill out the payment instructions section. If you have requested a distribution before, the information you submitted previously will be saved here. Once finished, click Save & Continue.

8. After you submit your payment instructions, you will be asked to verify whether you currently have an outstanding 401(k) loan. Please select your answer, then click Save & Continue.

9. Review all of your personal information and distribution details. If correct, click Save & Continue.

Sign and submit authorization for your distribution.

You’re finished!

Please remember: it takes 10-15 business days to complete the distribution process. In addition to the processing time, please allow 1-3 business days to receive the funds via ACH and 7-10 days for checks sent via first class mail.

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