The Value of Offering a 401(k) Plan

Benefits for Employers

PEOs 401(k)

For the majority of Americans, their employer’s retirement savings plan is the only long-term savings they have. Offering a 401(k) to you employees makes a statement that you care about their future and well-being beyond their employment with you. Having a retirement savings plan as part of your suite of benefits also offers financial benefits to both the employee and the employer.

Company Benefits

The IRS highlights two main tax advantages of offering a 401(k) plan:

  • Employers can deduct contributions on the company’s federal income tax return up to certain limits.
  • Elective deferrals and investment gains are not currently taxed and enjoy tax deferral until distribution.

SECURE Act Incentives

  • Under new SECURE Act 2.0 legislation, eligible businesses with 50 or fewer employees can qualify for a tax credit equal to 100% of the administrative costs of establishing a workplace retirement plan.
  • The original SECURE Act gave businesses with up to 100 employees a tax credit equal to 50% of administrative costs, capped annually at $5,000. Eligible businesses with 51 to 100 employees remain subject to this provision. 
Benefit Cost
Net cost to establish a 401(k) plan with your PEO
Auto enrollment tax benefit
Net cost to make matching contributions for the first three years of the plan

Think Offering a 401(k) is Cost Prohibitive? Think Again. 

Under the new provisions of the SECURE Act 2.0, many businesses are eligible for tax incentives that can cover the full costs of offering a 401(k) plan for up to three years.

The Power of Talent

“80% of employees consider retirement benefits a key factor in their decision to accept or stay with a job.” – Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies

group of participants

Attract and Retain Talent

Employees have access to a robust 401(k) that rivals anything a competing employer could offer.

Cost Savings

Pooled retirement savings plans can be a fraction of the cost of a standalone, single employer 401(k) plan.

Less Administration

Most of the plan administration, compliance and testing responsibility lies with Slavic401k.

Reduced Stress

Spend less time worrying about your 401(k) plan and focus on what matters most – your business.

Technology Benefits

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Everything you need to manage your individual account or an entire plan online.



Create a clear path to your retirement goals with a customized savings plan built entirely online.

Slavic401k App


Manage your account and investments from wherever life takes you.

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All eligibility notices, detailed disclosures and DOL regulations.



Contribution data is automatically transferred to Slavic401k as a part of payroll processing.

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You’re Busy… We’ve Got This

Why Slavic401k?

Setting up and administering a 401(k) plan can be daunting. We have over 35 years of experience as a third-party administrator, recordkeeper and when needed, investment advisor. Our turn-key solutions take away many of the responsibilities that come with 401(k) plan administration for your business.

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