PEP Onboarding

Instructions for Adopting Employers

Ready to offer a Pooled Employer 401(k) Plan (PEP) to your employees? Enrolling your business in a PEP is an easy process. Download, complete and upload the forms below. Please do not sign any of the forms. Once submitted, we will send a final electronic copy for you to review and e-sign.

Company Information Form – Complete all information.

Employee Census Form – Include information for all company employees.

ACH Information Form – Leave plan ID, plan name, and authorized by section blank.

Payroll Schedule Form – Include payroll provider name and information for the next six pay periods.

Portal Authorization Form – Determine who will have access to all, or a portion of, portal information.

Employer Adoption Agreement – This form governs your 401(k) plan. Please work directly with your Plan Advisor to complete this form.

Once your forms are complete, click the button below to upload your documents.

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Ready to upload your business's enrollment documents?

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