Frequently Asked Questions

Managing Your Account

How can I download my transactions into my financial planning software?

In order to download your transactions into Quicken:

  1. Log in to your account at:
  2. From the top menu, under Transactions, select Transaction History
  3. On the bottom of the page, click the button marked “Download Transactions to Quicken”
  4. Select a date in the box marked “Include account history from.” This will include data from that date to today.
  5. Click the button marked “Download to Quicken.”

That page also includes further requirements and instructions for downloading the file and importing it into Quicken.

How do I change my investment allocations?

How do I change my investment allocations?

  • Login to your online account at
  • Select Manage Investments under the Manage tab in the upper navigation bar
  • Select Change Elections
  • Allocate the elections you wish to invest in and make sure they all add up to 100%
  • Submit

*Note: this will not change your current assets; this is just for changing where your future contributions will be allocated. If you would also, like your current assets to be moved into your new investment allocation you must select yes on the transfer section*

What is Email Express?

Email Express is a weekly email to receive your 401(k) balance. It also includes helpful blog posts, tips and market commentary to help you reach your retirement goals.

To begin receiving Email Express, please log in to your account and subscribe here.

Is Slavic401k compatible with third-party aggregators that allows you to consolidate your financial information into a single platform?

Not at this time.

Is there a Slavic401k mobile application?

Yes! You can learn more about our app and it’s capabilities here.


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