Frequently Asked Questions

Plan Administration

What is the difference between a Pre-Tax 401(k) and a Roth 401(k)?

The difference between the two types of investments is when you are taxed. Pre-tax contributions and earnings are taxed when you withdraw it. If you need to withdraw money prior to age 59½ you may incur a 10% withdrawal penalty, in addition to owing current income taxes.

Roth contributions are taxed before they are invested. You do not pay taxes when withdrawing, however, if the Roth account is in place for less than five years, you are not at least 59 ½ when you withdraws the funds, you will pay taxes on any gains.

Both Pre-Tax and Roth contributions are calculated from the gross salary.

**At Slavic401k, we do not offer plans that allow “after-tax” contributions.

What online reports are available for employers and sponsors?

There are many different reports for employers and sponsors online. Whether you need asset, audit, contributions, distributions, employer information or participant information reports, we have dozens available to you within the sponsor portal.  

What is a safe harbor 401(k) plan?

A safe harbor 401(k) plan provides all eligible plan participants with an employer contribution. In exchange, safe harbor plans allow employers to avoid annual IRS non-discrimination testing, which can be costly for employers. Any 401(k) plan can be set up to include a safe harbor contribution. 

How much money can I put into my 401(k) account?

The maximum pre-tax contribution dollar amount is set by the IRS and adjusted for inflation annually. If you are age 50 or older, you may also make an additional catch-up contribution. View the current IRS contribution limits here.

In addition, there are special non-discrimination rules that apply to the plan. If you are a highly compensated employee, or own more than five percent of the company, contribution caps may apply.

What pre-tax percentage should I invest when I am starting out?

The more you can save the better. You should maximize your company’s match if one is available and contribute as much as you can afford to budget. This will help you take full advantage of the tax deferral.

How do I transfer my 401(k) account with my former employer into my new 401(k) plan?

Log in to your Slavic401k account and download our ‘Rollover into Slavic401k/PlanRight Form’ located on the Forms page. Please fill out the required information and return it to us.

How long will it take for my 401(k) plan to be transferred to Slavic401k?

It typically takes 60-90 days for the transfer to take place. Your account will remain fully invested until the funds are transferred. When the transfer takes place, you will be un-invested for a few days while the accounting and assets are reconciled and invested in the new plan.

Why do we have two plans?

Your PEO may have an old frozen, single employer plan that is not compatible with the new multiple employer plan. Because they are different types of plans, the regulations prevent them from being merged and the assets must remain separate. If you have a balance in both plans, you will receive two statements in separate mailings.


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